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Covey’s Four Quadrants for time management

24 January 2017

I am always experimenting new ways of managing my time and lately, I’ve been sticking with a method that I find very powerful. The method is called “Covey’s Four Quadrants for time management”. Basically, this method uses the following quadrants:

The most result oriented quadrant is the second one where the important work but not urgent is placed. It’s here that I try to focus my energy.

So my planning looks like this:

1 - On Sundays, I define what I want to achieve during the week. I consider 2 areas: work and personal. I try to place all tasks in the 4 quadrants for the week. Here is the planning form:

2 - I pick the most important tasks from quadrant II for each area - work and personal. I usually pick max 3 tasks for each of these areas. A weekly planning looks like this:

3 - Every evening I define the tasks to accomplish in both areas - work and personal for the next day. I consider only tasks that can realistically be accomplished in one work day. In the daily tasks I also always prioritize quadrant II tasks. Of course, sometimes there are some important and urgent tasks(quadrant I) but with time those are decreasing as I become better and better with this system. A daily planning looks like this:

4 - Every evening I review my calendar for the next day and I try to cancel the meetings that are not that important so I maximize my time at the office.

On Evernote and I have a notebook called “Today” where I place the weekly and daily planning. I use Evernote mainly because I have been using it for the last 7 years but the tool is not important.

I am more prone to avoid reactive work with this method and this keeps me happy, energized and motivated most of the time. The results have been pretty good and aligned with the following:

I guess I’ll keep using this method for the foreseeable future. Be free to comment bellow if you have any questions or suggestions about this topic!

Peace. R.

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