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07 December 2016

I had a blast 3 years ago when I started Silicon Drinkabout in São Paulo, Brazil. 

Silicon Drinkabout is a weekly meet-up for startups and techies to meet like-minded people, have some fun and relax at the end of the working week. The event was born in London in 2011 when Michael Acton Smith gathered a small group of tech friends in a local pub. 3beards founders Ben, Bryce, Mike & Joe took over to make Silicon Drinkabout what it is today.

I called the founders of Silicon Drinkabout London to be able to create the meet-up in São Paulo. I did it to scratch my own itch of wanting to connect with the startups and techies in a city where I was new and to meet like minded people. 

The first drinkabout had an attendance of around 30 people(most of my contacts). The next week the attendance was appalling. Only my wife and I drinking “caipirinhas” and no one showed up. The following weeks the attendance was still small but I started to observe some regularity of some of the attendees.

Fast forward one year the community was thriving and we had 500 registered members and around 20 attendants each week and a strong team of organizers. Companies like eventbrite started to sponsor the event in a regular faction.

Meanwhile I left São Paulo and moved to Copenhagen but the Silicon Drinkabout São Paulo community is alive and well, counting with 2000 members and an attendance of around 40 people per week with more than 100 meet-ups held.

It’s now been 2 years I’ve been living in copenhagen after spending almost 3 years in São Paulo and I feel it’s time to get more involved in the copenhagen startup and tech community. I am reviving Silicon Drinkabout CPH and I am also creating a weekly meet-up for Product Managers. 

The Product Managers CPH meet-up aims to connect Product Managers or product people that want to share experiences and learn with each other in an event without a pre-defined agenda.

Although I am not a Product Manager myself, I have been in the receiving end of it and working closely with a fair share of Product Managers and I think it’s a critical position in any startup. In my mind this is one of the most important and difficult jobs in any young startup. 

For the last 10 years I’ve been working with startups and building products in unrelated sectors and in different countries and coming out with the right products and build them is an enormous challenge.

My goal is to build a strong community of product managers in CPH and hopefully create a space where product professionals can learn and connect with each other.

If you happen to live in Copenhagen and you find any of the meet-ups interesting please join me:

Silicon Drinkabout CPH

Product Managers CPH

Peace. R.

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